Going beyond Moodle

I had a meeting with a colleague at the University of Bath yesterday, where we spoke about a number of e-Learning and Web 2.0-type applications, including Moodle, the institutional VLE. However, he was keen to explore different institutionally supported tools and technologies which might enable him to do something different. Appearing below is a short list of the items that we discussed, along with accompanying links.

Panopto, the lecture capture software – Further information about the institutional installation can be found at: http://go.bath.ac.uk/fxl8

Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) – A user guide, including details on how to request an account can be found at: http://go.bath.ac.uk/cg31

The University of Bath currently has four Access Grid Nodes. A past news item can be found on the BUCS website. All information contained within it however, is still very relevant.

In addition, I pointed to two blog posts I’d written over the last year or so.

Looking back, did I miss anything out?


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